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Storm Tips for Your Pool

Heavy rain, strong winds and severe storms sweep debris, dirt and bacteria into your pool.  After big storms hit, safeguard your pool with a bit of extra care to make sure it's safe and healthy.

Typically after heavy rainfall, a pool will require a few chemicals to rebalance. Always start with the basics after bad weather and check these things first:

  • Rain seriously weakens chemicals, especially salt and chlorine. Add extra chlorine, even if you have a salt pool, to prevent algae growth.
  • Check all electrical equipment (pump, chlorinator, heater) for damage.  If they have been inundated with water or if puddles have formed around them contact a professional right away.

Typical Storm Damage to look for:

  • Debris and damage to equipment
  • Staining of pool floor and walls
  • Damage to electrical equipment such as motor burnout.
  • Dilution of salt, chlorine and other chemicals, reducing effectiveness.
  • Extra phosphates can wash into your pool. Phosphates are algae food, causing a potentially green pool.
  • Electrical safety issues with pumps, chlorinators, heaters or pool lights. Electric circuits can be damp and/or wet causing dangerous conditions.

After a storm

Assess your pool water and rebalance immediately. Bring a water sample into Pool Doctor, with our hassle free 60 second pool test we can quickly analyse your pool and advise what you need to get it rebalanced.

Call a professional for all electrical issues.

If the clean up is confusing or seems too much then please give us a call and book a service. Let Pool Doctor take the hassle out of getting your pool and equipment back in shape. You’ll be swimming sooner!