Spa Electric LED Lights - Transform your pool. Superior brightness, colour changing effects

For many pool owners the backyard pool is now an extension of the home. Lights in and around your pool not only create ambience for guests at night but are also a key safety feature.

Replacing your existing halogen light with a colour changing LED model will help cut your running costs, saving you money. Super bright LEDs operate on only 15 watts of energy – that’s a saving of 85% on the running cost of a halogen light – and they run for over 70,000 hours. Not only that, multi-coloured functions are unique to LED lights. 

Constructed of high quality components and rated as the brightest light on the market the Award Winning Spa Electric Retro LED light is the best choice for your pool. Transform your swimming pool and contact us today.

pool lights available at Pool Doctor Oxenford pool lights available at Pool Doctor Oxenford
12v Haolgen Retro Fit LED

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