Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator - Easy pool care, less chlorine for sensitive skin

The Viron eQuilibrium Chlorinator tests, monitors and maintains perfect chlorine levels and pH balance. Ideal for people wanting effortless pool care, less chlorine in the water or allergy sufferers with sensitive skin.

Upgrade to a cleaner, safer water purification system.  Available in 4 different versions, the EQuilibrium Salt Chlorinator offers effortless control of your pool chemistry.

  1. Semi Automatic pH Control - intelligent software adjusts the dose rate of acid required
  2. With pH Sensor Kit - a probe in the pool pipe tests the pH and adds acid as required.
  3. Chlorine Sensor Kit - automatically controls the chlorine level in the pool.
  4. AI Mode for control of pH balance, chlorine and water flow for total control providing an effortless swimming pool experience.

Features & Benefits

  • Energy efficient switch mode power supply

  • Automatically balances water

  • Intelligent self cleaning

  • Reduces chlorine and saves power

Product Specifications
Refer to the product brochure and operation manual for the product specification, warranty and further information.

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