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Enjoy an easy start to the swimming season by following these 6 easy step for Pools in Winter,

Shock and Clear

Pools in winter will require oxidisation to destroy any organic contaminants in the water. Regular oxidation will keep the pool crystal clear. Shock and Clear is designed for fresh and salt water pools and is a blend of Stabilised chlorine and selected clarifiers.


This amazing multi-tasking product will target many different problems encountered by pool owners. Powercide is an excellent weapon against problem algae outbreaks in backyard pools. By controlling black, green and mustard algae Powercide is the perfect product for pools in winter.

Water Polish Plus

Water Polish Plus is a highly concentrated formula that coagulates small particles together making it easy to be trapped by your filter. The days of cloudy pools and nasty bacterial particles will be a thing of the past.


Aquashield is especially great in removing calcium nodules and scaling. Calcium can build up can form over time, leaving streaks or stones of white on your pool shell. This formation can form on any surface however pebblecrete surfaces are more at risk above all. Aquashield will also create superb clarity in the water by ensuring calcium remains in solution keeping any build up on your cell and walls to a minimum.

Filter Cleaner and Degreaser

Winter is a great time to clean your filter. This product will remove, scum, dirt build up, and body fats and oils allowing greater filtration and thereby providing cleaner water. This product keeps the filter cleaner therefore adding better circulation and flow to your pool.

Want to know more?

During the cooler weather these items are perfect for the long winter period where your pool will have very little use. Remarkably effective and reliable, this provides pool owners with a tough defence against winter algae growth thereby making an earlier spring start up easier and more cost effective. Contact us for more.