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Helpful Tips

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It’s easy to keep your pool water sparkling clear and inviting and the equipment in top operating condition. Most pool care problems can be avoided if you follow these five easy tips.

Circulate the Water

Pool water must be circulated for chemicals to work properly and to avoid bacteria and algae taking hold. Circulate for at least 8 hours each day during the swimming season.

Clean the Filter

The filter is one of your most important pieces of equipment. It removes both visible debris and most microscopic matter. When material gets trapped in the filter remove it by cleaning the filter. We recommend chemically cleaning the filter twice each year.

Brush and Vacuum

All swimming pools have areas with little or no circulation. To prevent algae and bacteria from growing, the walls and floor should be brushed and the pool vacuumed at least once a week.

Test the Water

The amount of people using your pool, the weather and product application can all affect the balance of your water. Bring a sample of water in to us every couple of weeks for analysis.

Use the Right Chemicals

Applying the right products at the right time will help provide a healthy pool and protect your equipment.

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