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A Proud Member Of S.P.A.S.A QLD

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Benefits for SPASA Members and their Clients

– SPASA Members agree to abide by the Association’s rules, regulations and strict code of Ethics in the conduct of their businesses.

– Only SPASA Members can provide a SPASA Approved contract.

– Swimming pools, unlike home construction, are not protected by mandatory Government insurance. To protect consumers when building, installing or renovating pools and spas, members must provide Watertight “Contract Completion” and “Defective Construction” Benefits.

– SPASA Members have access to technical training and educational programmes designed to ensure their construction staff perform with technical excellence.

– In the event of a dispute, members have access to SPASA’s consumer complaint process, a system of arbitration in which a mediator and an industry expert assist the parties to reach a solution that is acceptable to both sides. This usually avoids costly and traumatic litigation.
Members must perform all work in accordance with Industry and Government Standards, and meet all legal requirements.

– Members have access to the latest technology and trade information sources from Australia and overseas. SPASA’s helpful office staff are qualified and competent to appropriately refer, or assist consumers, when called upon.

– To be considered for membership, a business must provide evidence of a substantial period of competent trading, acceptable credit, skills assessment and adequate public liability insurance to ensure protection of consumers.

– Prior to acceptance as a SPASA member, a competent committee of peers assesses each applicant’s business acumen, professionalism, consumer relations and trade skills.

For more information please visit the SPASA QLD website.

How does this benefit our customers?
The Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Queensland Inc. (SPASA) is a non-profit trade association dedicated to maintaining and improving standards within the industry for the betterment of consumers, pool builders and suppliers.

There are many issues and problems affecting the industry and consumers that are either impossible or too great for any one business or person to handle effectively. This is why the industry itself has formed a mutually beneficial, co-operative and non-profit trade association.

Why Choose a SPASA Member?
Unlike home construction, Swimming Pool Construction is not protected in Queensland by mandatory government insurance. Only SPASA Members can provide a ‘SPASA Recommended’ Contract, and, ‘Watertight Contract Benefits’ to protect consumers for the building, installing or renovation of pools. SPASA Members have access to technical training and educational programs designed to ensure their construction staff perform with technical excellence. So, for your own peace of mind, and to protect your rights as a consumer, choose a SPASA Member to build, install or renovate your pool.

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