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Want Clean Water With Less Chlorine?

Owning a pool is a source of endless joy and relaxation, but maintaining that crystal-clear, inviting water requires diligence and the right tools. One essential step in pool maintenance that every pool owner should prioritize is shocking the pool water.

Shocking, also known as superchlorination, involves adding a high dose of chlorine or non-chlorine chemicals to the pool to eliminate contaminants. In this blog, we’ll explore why shocking is crucial and highlight the benefits of using Focus Oxyshock for this purpose.

Why Shock Your Pool?

Eliminates Contaminants

Over time, your pool water accumulates a variety of contaminants such as body oils, sweat, urine, and sunscreen. Even with regular chlorine use, these contaminants can build up, leading to cloudy water and unpleasant odors. Shocking the pool water effectively breaks down these organic materials, restoring water clarity and freshness.

Kills Harmful Bacteria and Algae

Pool water is a breeding ground for bacteria and algae, especially in warm weather. Regular chlorine levels may not be sufficient to keep these microorganisms at bay. Shocking delivers a potent dose of chlorine or other sanitizing agents that destroys bacteria and algae, ensuring your pool remains safe and hygienic.

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Hygienically Clean Pool Water

Prevents Chloramine Formation

Chloramines are formed when chlorine combines with ammonia and nitrogen compounds, often introduced by swimmers. These compounds not only reduce the effectiveness of chlorine but also cause eye irritation and strong chlorine odors. Shocking breaks down chloramines, freeing up chlorine to do its job more effectively and improving the swimming experience.

Maintains Balanced Water Chemistry

Regular shocking helps maintain balanced water chemistry, which is crucial for the overall health of your pool. Imbalanced water can lead to corrosion of pool surfaces and equipment, scaling, and other issues. By shocking the pool, you keep the water parameters stable, protecting your investment and prolonging the life of your pool.

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Enhances the Effectiveness of Regular Sanitizers

Regular chlorine sanitizers work best when the pool water is free from heavy contamination. Shocking boosts the effectiveness of these sanitizers by reducing the load of organic matter and pathogens they have to deal with. This synergy ensures that your regular maintenance efforts are more efficient and effective.

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Oxyshock: Your Go-To Solution

When it comes to shocking your pool, not all products are created equal. Focus Oxyshock stands out as a superior choice for several reasons:

Powerful Oxidizing Agent

Oxyshock is a non-chlorine shock treatment that uses potassium monopersulfate as its active ingredient. This powerful oxidizer effectively breaks down organic contaminants without raising chlorine levels, making it ideal for regular use.

Fast-Acting Formula

One of the key advantages of Oxyshock is its fast-acting formula. It quickly dissolves in water and starts working immediately, allowing you to enjoy your pool sooner without long waiting periods.

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No Harmful Byproducts

Safe and Easy to Use

Oxyshock is user-friendly and safe for all pool types. Unlike chlorine-based shocks, it doesn’t produce harmful byproducts or strong odors, making it a more pleasant option for both you and your pool.

Versatile Application

This product is versatile and can be used in various pool types, including vinyl, fiberglass, and plaster pools. Its non-chlorine formula is also compatible with saltwater and mineral systems, providing flexibility for different pool setups.

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How to Use Focus Products Oxyshock

  1. Test Your Pool Water: Before shocking, test your pool water to determine the current chemical levels. This helps in calculating the correct dosage of Oxyshock needed.
  2. Calculate the Dosage: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the product label to calculate the appropriate amount of Oxyshock for your pool size.
  3. Add the Shock: With the pump running, broadcast the required amount of Oxyshock evenly across the surface of the pool. For best results, add it during the evening or at night to prevent UV degradation.
  4. Run the Filter: Allow the pool’s filtration system to run continuously for at least 8 hours to circulate the shock treatment thoroughly.
  5. Retest and Adjust: After shocking, retest the water to ensure it is safe for swimming. Adjust the pH and chlorine levels if necessary before allowing swimmers back into the pool.
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