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Have Water Bugs Invaded Your Pool?

Have you ever seen water bugs in your pool or even been bitten by one? Want to ensure they leave and never come back? Here’s how to tackle the pesky issue and make your pool a bug-free paradise!

The Problem: Biofilm in Your Pool

We all know the slimy biofilm that coats sticks, logs, and rocks in rivers. It’s something we avoid, but in rivers, it’s vital for the ecosystem. However, in your pool, biofilm is Public Enemy No. 1, and removing it is crucial.

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What is Biofilm?

Biofilm, or slime, is at the bottom of the food chain: big fish eat little fish, little fish, water rats, and platypus eat water bugs, and water bugs feast on biofilm. During evaporation, biofilm exposed on the waterline dries out and dies. Conversely, biofilm left in water too long loses its appeal to water bugs and its nutritional value.

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The Impact of Biofilm on Your Pool

Managing biofilm is a delicate balance, essential for your pool’s health. According to Meagan Le May, Executive Account Manager at LoChlor, “Biofilm scoured off a pool floor or waterline by brushing and scrubbing regrows almost immediately. When it regrows, it becomes more appetizing and nutritious for water bugs. The more fresh, growing biofilm, the more water bugs, and the bigger and stronger they become. It’s truly a slimy circle of life.”

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Seasonal Changes and Biofilm Growth

Pool water levels fluctuate due to evaporation, splash out, rainfall, and refilling, particularly in spring and summer. This variability benefits biofilm growth. “A constant water level in a pool results in less productive biofilm,” says Ms. Le May. “We see this during the cooler dry months. However, in warmer months with high rainfall, biofilm flourishes, and so do the water bugs.”

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The Ultimate Solution: Lo-Chlor BIO-KLENZ

But fear not! The ultimate solution to keep your pool pristine and bug-free is here: Lo-Chlor BIO-KLENZ!

What is BIO-KLENZ?

Lo-Chlor BIO-KLENZ is an environmentally friendly, easy-to-use liquid that you simply add to your pool ONCE EACH MONTH. This powerful formula combats biofilm and maintains perfect water clarity while reducing the need for chlorine and other chemicals.

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The Science Behind BIO-KLENZ

There’s a solid scientific foundation behind BIO-KLENZ, and to our knowledge, there’s no other product like it. This concentrated formulation works quickly and efficiently, handling multiple beneficial tasks in pool maintenance. Users will experience the clearest and healthiest water they’ve ever swam in. It also reduces the amount of chlorine or sanitizer needed, making your existing chemical program more efficient.


BIO-KLENZ was developed with the aim of reducing the need for pool chemicals, especially chlorine, without compromising water clarity and protection against waterborne organisms. Initially, BIO-KLENZ cleans surfaces of particulates that build up on the pool liner, aggregate, or tile surface, “lifting” off the buildup and incorporating it into the water itself.

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If you are still unsure about water bugs and biofilm, contact us for guidance.

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