Fresh Water Pool – Naked System

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How does the system work?

The Naked fresh water pool system is made up of a digital control unit which supplies current to the cell. Creating a safe swimming environment especially for kids and families. Using copper and silver to keep the pool clean and clear compared to harsh chemicals like chlorine. As such, using less chemicals such as Stabiliser.

Chlorine free – no harsh chemicals!

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Posted by Pool Doctor on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Is the naked system Chemical Free?

The Naked fresh water system is a truly chemical free, environmentally friendly system requiring less maintenance than traditional sanitisers. This hybrid system uses a combination of copper and silver ionisation as well as oxidisation to provide the freshest water possible. The Naked fresh water system can sanitise pools up to 100,000 litres which can be adjusted accordingly upon installation.

The copper above all else helps to kill and prevent algae growth as a natural source, unlike chlorine or other chemical sanitisers. Similarly the silver together with the oxidiser, disinfects the water controlling bacteria. These natural elements as a result are undoubtedly long lasting, staying in the pool to continually keep it clean and clear.

The Naked Fresh Water System purifies pool water as it passes over the oxidising plates. Generating almost untraceable amounts of chlorine compared to other means of sanitisation. Ensuring organic matter including body fats and oils that build up in the pool water as well as other contaminates are removed from your pool.

Features and Benefits

  • Keep your pool clean and clear with minimal chemicals
  • Simplistic features, making it easy to use
  • adjustable self cleaning cell between 4 – 16 hrs, guaranteeing long life
  • Intelligent backwash mode steps you through the process from start to finish
  • Automatically customises to the size of your pool upon installation

To learn more about The Naked fresh water system, talk to the team at Pool Doctor for more information or bring in a water sample for analysis. Visit our page for this product or contact us today to discuss this option for your pool.