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Glass Media in Pool Filters

At Pool Doctor, we use Diamond Kleen a sustainable glass media, made from 100% recycled plate glass. Other glass products can leave behind old glue and label residue from bottles. Glass Media keeps your water cleaner for longer due to the ability to filter finer particles. Cleaning as it filters by attracting organic materials, this helps to reduce bacteria together with biofilm improving water clarity. Once trapped these particles will soon oxidise, with the help of chlorine, helping to prevent algae growth.

Low Chemical Content

Due to the superior nature of this media, fewer chemicals are required to keep your pool clean and clear. For instance a reduced amount of chlorine, and as a result a more natural and safer water quality.


Because of the electrically charged particles, glass media in pool filters can save up to 25% less water when backwashing. Cleaner media means a reduced amount of backwashing time and frequency.

Features and Benefits

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduces the amount of chlorine required to sanitise the filter bed
  • Glass media removes finer particles from the water compared to sand of an equivalent grade
  • Superior cleaning when backwashing
  • Lower operating cost
  • Glass media is less likely to degrade and block your filter compared to sand media
  • Up to 25% less water when backwashing
  • Extends the life of your filter

Is Your Media Clean?

As the swimming season draws to a close pool owners should start looking towards care and maintenance of their filtration equipment. We recommend to you chemically clean your filter regularly, every 6 months. Filter Cleaner & Degreaser removes the build up of sunscreen, dirt, and body fats and oils out of the filter. Easy to use and suitable for all filter types. Increase the life of your equipment by using Filter Cleaner & Degreaser. To learn more about glass media, talk to the team at Pool Doctor or Click here for more information.