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Enjoy your heated pool and enjoy winter swimming. As the cool weather approaches many Gold Coast pool owners want to continue swimming in their pools. Many options are now available to extend the time you can enjoy your pool.

Warm Pool = More Fun

Warm Pool = More Fun 🙂 Affordable pool heating options for every budget.

Posted by Pool Doctor on Thursday, June 13, 2019

The Gold Coast is famous for its beautiful winter weather. By installing a heating solution pool owners can make the most of this gorgeous time of year and continue to enjoy their heated pool into the cooler months.

A simple and cost effective option to increase the warmth of your pool is to install a pool cover. Easy to install and use, pool covers can make your pool up to eight degrees warmer.  Subsequently they also help stop evaporation in a heated pool, reducing chemical usage and saving pool owners money.

Pool Doctor’s range of Heat Pumps are an affordable, energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly way to heat your pool. In fact modern heat pumps are so efficient swimming through winter is now possible.

Find out more about pool heating options available, click here. However, as the cooler weather approaches, its important pool owners continue to maintain their pool water quality.

To maintain good water quality, bring a sample of your water to Pool Doctor or contact us for a service from one our trained pool technicians. You’ll be swimming sooner!