How to Care for Salt Cells

By December 12, 2017News
How to Care for Salt Cells

 Cleaning Your Salt Cell.

To keep your pool water clean and clear, salt-water chlorinator cells should be cleaned regularly.  When white calcium builds up on the cell it decreases the efficiency of chlorine production, which could allow algae growth and make your pool water green.

When you notice calcium build up the cell will need to be cleaned. Even self-cleaning chlorinators experience calcium build up and require cleaning at least every twelve months.

There is a special cell cleaner called Cell Safe. The cleaner is reusable and is a fast and easy way to safely keep your cell clean and working all the time.

Some people use hydrochloric acid to clean their cell, because it is fast but this will really quickly shorten the life of the cell.  When you think about the cost of a new cell, the small investment of Cell Safe is minimal.

To help prevent calcium build up on your cell you can add Aquashield every 6 months.

If cleaning your cell is confusing or seems too hard then please give us a call and book a service. Let Pool Doctor take the hassle out of cleaning your pool equipment. You’ll be swimming sooner!