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 Cleaning your Salt Cells

How to clean salt cells and stop calcium growth is easy. Use theses tips to keep your pool water clean and clear, salt-water chlorinator cells should be cleaned regularly.  When white calcium builds up on the cell it decreases the efficiency of chlorine production, which could allow algae growth and make your pool water green.

When you notice calcium build up the salt cell will need to be cleaned. Even self-cleaning chlorinators experience calcium build up and require cleaning at least every twelve months.

Pool Doctor offers a specialised chlorinator cell cleaner called Cell Safe. This cleaner is an easy to use, reusable and fast way to safely keep your cell clean and operating correctly.

Some people recommend using hydrochloric acid to clean their salt cell, unfortunately this process will quickly shorten the life of a chlorinator cell.  When you consider the price of a new chlorinator cell, not only is the cost of a correctly formulated cleaning solution minimal, it is also a very smart investment.

Adding Aquashield into your pool every 3 months to help clean salt cells and stop calcium growth on your cell.

If cleaning your cell is difficult, contact us and book a service. Let Pool Doctor take the hassle out of cleaning your pool equipment. You’ll be swimming sooner!

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