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How to get rid of black spot algae in your pool. Lurking in almost every pool just waiting for the perfect opportunity to take over is black spot algae. Removing and preventing black spot algae growth is one of the biggest challenges facing pool owners.

This unsightly blemish can occur quickly and become a real menace to the enjoyment of pool ownership.  Following the steps listed below will help eradicate this tough organism.


  • Remove the automatic cleaner e.g. Kreepy Krauly or Baracuda
  • Remove vacuum plate from skimmer box
  • Clean skimmer basket, pump basket and filter
  • Adjust pH between 7.4 and 7.6 then run the pump for 2 hours
  • Scrub black spots with stainless steel brush
  • Add quality chlorine to shock the pool. Run the pump for 2 hours
  • Add Powercide evenly around the edge of the pool. Run the pump for 2 hours
  • Turn the pump off to allow sediment to settle
  • Several hours later or next day vacuum the pool and clean the filter
  • Return filtration to normal time, put automatic cleaner back into pool and bring water sample into Pool Doctor for a complete analysis.

To remove algae spores and limit future regrowth use Filter Cleaner & Degreaser.

IMPORTANT:  Blackspot algae can recover and regrow very quickly.  To successfully remove blackspot the areas of growth should be scrubbed daily for 7 – 10 days.


  • Low sanitizer levels
  • Insufficient filtration
  • Poor circulation
  • Excessive phosphates levels


  • Unsightly blemish that can quickly spread throughout the pool
  • Damage to pool interior


  • Run pump and filter 8 hours per day over warm months
  • Direct water flow return eyeballs down at 45 degree angle
  • Regular use of Powercide and/or Granular Blackspot Remover
  • Regularly brush steps and corners of pool