Imagine the Benefits of Heating Your Pool

By December 12, 2017News
Imagine the Benefits of Heating Your Pool

In many parts of Australia, the comfortable swimming season is only around four to six months of the year.

This is because cool nights or inclement weather reduces water temperatures very quickly and confines use of the pool to the ‘more hardy’ among us.

The addition of a heater gives you the potential to maintain your preferred swimming temperature for an extended season or year-round. Just imagine the benefits. The number of times people swim is dramatically increased. Your pool will become an oasis with crystal clear warm water, reminiscent of your last tropical island holiday.

Sit back and enjoy, as your home becomes the focus for entertaining, birthday parties and school holidays. Your friends will remember the beautiful warm water temperature and weekends will finish with a casual gathering around your pool. Family fun, exercise and therapeutic use of the pool are all improved.

Of course, should you ever move, the addition of heating will have added greatly to the investment value of the pool to your home.

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