Is your pool really clean?

By December 12, 2017News
is your pool really clean

Is your pool really as clean as you think?

The answer is probably not. As pool water ages a layer of slime or biofilm, developed by bacteria, is deposited on the floor, walls and plumbing pipes of the pool.  Bacteria use the biofilm to shelter, feed and breed in. Left unattended, the slimy biofilm increases in thickness, assisting algae growth and creating serious additional problems.

Even high levels of chlorine only kill bacteria in the outer layer of biofilm leaving the unharmed bacteria below to continue breeding.

Pool Sentinel gets to the root of the problem by lifting the layer of slime from all pool surfaces (walls, pipes, filters, etc.) then using the filter to rinse it away and prevent it from reforming. Resulting in dramatic reduction of bacteria, so you use only minimal chlorine.  Keeping your pool water soft and chemical free!

Eliminate sore eyes, ear infection, algae growth and green pool problems by using Pool Sentinel™ tablets.

Features and Benefits:

  • Eliminates slime & biofilm from pool, pipes and filtration
  • Eliminates slimy walls and calcium deposits
  • Provides crystal clear, pure and safe bathing water
  • Easy to use – one simple treatment weekly
  • Is gentle on sensitive of skin
  • Reduces chemical usage
  • Works with all pool finishes and filter types
  • Is environmentally friendly


  • One Pool Sentinel™ tablet will treat up to 50,000 liters of water for 1 week
  • Two Pool sentinel™ tablets will treat up to 100,000 liters of water for 1 week
  • Initially a double dose of Pool sentinel™ tablets should be used during the first 3 weeks

To learn more about Pool Sentinel™ talk to the team at Pool Doctor for more information or bring in a water sample for analysis.