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Pool brushing is the secret to helping your pool water remain clear after summer rain and showers. Storms wash organic particles into your pool water. As a result, these organic particles drop onto steps, floor, walls and corners of the pool. Consequently this fine debris layer becomes perfect algae food.  With this in mind, the best solution is to brush your pool.

Now lets’ face it, nobody enjoys brushing their pool – and most people don’t do it.  However, it is one of the most important parts of pool maintenance.  Obviously you brush your teeth to prevent problems before they start. The same is true for brushing your pool. In this case, prevention is the best solution. A thorough weekly brushing extends the life of your pool surface together with reducing the requirement for expensive and harmful chemicals.

1. Prevents Algae

Algae grows in areas of poor circulation, regular brushing will disturb their growth pattern and stop them in their tracks. Algaecides also help remove algae.

2. Lift Dust Particles

Dust, ash, smoke and fine debris are so small they pass through the pool filter and settle onto the walls, floor and steps.  Scrubbing the walls & steps combined with adding water clarifier into the water will lift these particles and help the filter remove them from the pool water.

3. Removes pockets of algae food

Fine organic particles feed algae and allow them to grow, brushing removes the algae food and prevents the algae growing.

4. Prevents staining

Regular brushing continuously cleans the pool surface to prevent staining and ensure a long lasting finish. The Wall Whale is a great tool to efficiently brush your pool. 

If brushing your pool is too much of a chore, or you don’t have enough time contact us to book a service. We offer a complete service that includes brushing every visit. Let Pool Doctor take care of your pool. You’ll be swimming sooner!