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Pool Heating

Enjoy an endless summer in your backyard with modern systems designed to quickly heat your pool. Is it possible to have efficient pool heating without hurting your hip pocket?

Thanks to new technology cost effective pool heating is now a reality. With a focus on sustainability, designers have pushed energy efficient solutions to the limit. In fact, heating your pool is now cheaper than ever before!

Heat Pumps

Fast becoming mainstream for domestic pools, heat pumps use air temperature to heat the water. Importantly new heating technology beats traditional methods of heating while saving energy. Resulting in reduced running costs and carbon emissions.

New systems available at Pool Doctor are offering the highest COP ratings world-wide. These systems quickly heat your pool, have a solid reputation, are renowned for reducing your energy bills and delivering reliability.

Solar Pool Heating

Another great energy efficient alternative is solar technology. Obviously most people are familiar with solar energy. As a result, it is now Australia’s most popular way to heat pools.

Harness the suns energy to heat your pool while taking care of the environment. Enjoy fast heat with new Nanotek Extreme technology. The fastest solar heating system on the market.

Pool Heating Combination

Excitingly it is now possible to combining a solar pool heater together with a heat pump. As a result this clever system chooses the most cost effective option to heat your pool and reach your desired temperature.

This system is perfect to provide affordably heated pool water that you can enjoy all year.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to help you enjoy an endless summer. Speaking of options, why not use ZipPay to manage your upfront costs. It’s fast, easy and with no interest ever the quickest way to heat your pool today.

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We recommend and supply pool heating products from industry leaders EvoHeat and Australian Energy Systems