Freshwater Pool – Chlorine Free

Product Description

Enjoy a freshwater pool that’s chlorine free. The clearest breakthrough in backyard pools is here, with Naked Pools the innovative new system that safely and effortlessly purifies your pool water without needing to add chlorine, stabiliser, acid, salt or expensive minerals. Aussies are really waking up to this fresh-thinking alternative to pool filtration, so find out how you can convert your backyard sanctuary to a freshwater oasis now.

No Harsh Chemicals

Chlorine free pools provide a swimming experience in harmony with nature. Enjoy a pool that is healthier, softer on sensitive skin and sustainable for the environment.

Imagine swimming in silky smooth freshwater with no chlorine smell or red eyes, no need for sensitive skin lotions or even showering after having a dip. It’s swimming as Mother Nature intended, pure and simple.

Suitable for Every Pool

Created locally on the Gold Coast, the Naked Fresh Water System is suitable for our hot humid summers. In fact, the system also easily copes with our monsoonal rainfall as well. Suitable for every Gold Coast pool, this revolutionary freshwater sanitising and filtration system transforms your backyard pool into a crystal clear, freshwater sanctuary.

With lower running costs and longer lasting equipment, it’s the healthier choice for families and great for the environment. However most importantly, your Naked Pool produces crystal clear water so your pool looks and feels amazing.

How it Works

Now available at Pool Doctor, the Naked Fresh Water System uses natural elements to purify pool water as an alternative to salt or minerals. The clever Naked Fresh Water System also provides a constant sanitiser that requires much less running time.

The end result is up to 80 percent less salt or mineral levels than its rivals, resulting in clean freshwater. So not only is your water healthier and crystal clear, your equipment and pool surrounds will last much longer due to the freshness of the water. Even your garden will love it!


  • No Harsh Chemicals – While traditional pool systems rely on high levels of chlorine to sanitise the pool water, the Naked System utilises natural elements to mimic the balance of a freshwater stream, making it the healthiest option for swimming.
  • Perfect for Allergies & Sensitive Skin – No more red eyes or irritated skin. One in three Australians have a skin condition such as psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis. The clean, freshwater produced by the Naked System creates water that is gentle on skin and healthier to swim in.
  • Cost Effective – Customised to your pool with flexible timer control to drastically reduce running costs. The unit works seamlessly with variable speed pumps providing adequate circulation and typically requires half the running time of traditional sanitiser.
  • All Natural – The first truly sustainable system that is kind to the environment, while providing many healthy benefits for you, the family, your garden and pool equipment.
  • Refreshing. Rejuvenating. Recyclable – Your pool water will be typically the same that comes from your household tap meaning it is no different to having a shower or bath. There is no need to continually wash your bathers, towels or yourself as the swimming experience is just like swimming in a fresh water stream leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Technical Stuff

The hybrid Naked System is made up of a digital control unit which supplies and manages current to the electrode assembly. Electrolysis passes through copper and silver anodes, releasing the ions into the water. Silver disinfects the water, controlling bacteria and copper prevents algae growth. These natural elements remain in the water to form a residual that continues to sanitise the pool.

It is not affected by UV or heat like chlorine. Not only does this mean you do not have to add additional chemicals such as stabiliser or clarifiers, but the continuous effects of the natural elements means you can run the system for half the time of traditional sanitisers.

In addition, oxidisation is used as water passes through the unit eliminating organic matter (dust, dirt, oils and body fats) and other contaminates while purifying the water. The result is hygienic, crystal clear fresh water that is an absolute joy to swim in.

Easy to Retrofit

Easy to retrofit to any pool system. Simply replace the salt water chlorinator with the Naked Fresh Water System. Thanks to some clever Gold Coast locals, the new intelligently designed Naked Fresh Water System has made it possible to have a sustainable freshwater oasis in your backyard.

Buy Now. Pay Later. Interest Free Always.

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