Mineral Pool in 2 Easy Steps

Switch to a mineral pool with 2 easy steps. The entire family can now jump on in! Mineral swimming has become the most popular way Aussies enjoy their pools.

Why do you need a Mineral Pool?

Enjoy a pool that is soft on the skin and gentle on the eyes. Our mineral rich products are perfect for children and adults who suffer from skin conditions and sore eyes after swimming. Experience a healthy, crystal clear oasis in your backyard with fewer chemicals.

Need Clarity?

Plus magnesium helps to clarify your pool effortlessly providing crystal clear, sparkling water. Make the healthier choice and switch to a mineral pool today.

It’s Easy

Make the switch in 2 easy steps.

  1. Balance your pool water, then
  2. Add a bag or two of Transform into your pool

This amazing product will quickly zoom up the magnesium level of your pool. It’s that easy!

Simple Maintenance

To maintain your mineral levels, simply add a bag of Acquatherepé minerals instead of salt when required.  Excited yet?

Super Efficient

Designed to ensure your pool is working to maximum efficiency. This clever mineral blend from our friends at AstralPool, provides an exceptional swimming experience in your own backyard. Experience your dream pool today.

Suitable for Every Pool

Acquatherepé minerals provide superior levels of bather comfort, health and wellbeing. This unique blend of magnesium rich minerals has been specially created to work together with your existing pool equipment.

Mineral Pool Benefits

  • A balanced blend of minerals for superior bather comfort
  • Provides greater levels of health, wellness and water clarity
  • Helps protect pool equipment and improves performance
  • Specifically designed for use in all pools

Next Level Water Purification

Combine a mineral pool with UV water purification! Create a therapeutic and healthier swimming experience this summer in your pool and use fewer chemicals. UV purification is the safest option! Harness the power of light to purify your pool. Make the powerful choice and enjoy a pool with fewer chemicals.

Buy Now. Pay Later. Interest Free Always.

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