Mineral Pools

Product Description

Mineral pools provide a swimming experience in harmony with nature. Enjoy a pool that is kinder on sensitive skin and more eco-friendly. As a result, minerals create a healthy, crystal clear oasis in your backyard. In fact, mineral pools are now the most popular for swimmers to enjoy. Make the switch today and transform your pool.

Suitable for Every Pool

Now available at Pool Doctor, a newly enriched mineral formula is an improvement on traditional mineral blends. Revive® mineral blend is designed to work perfectly will all types of chlorinators. Subsequently, every pool owner can easily and affordably enjoy the benefits of swimming in mineral rich water. Contact us today and Revive® your pool.


  • Available in 10kg bag
  • Replace salt with Revive®
  • Balanced multi-mineral formula
  • 100% natural mineral blend
  • Child & Infant Friendly
  • Crystal Clear Water
  • Benefits Skin Conditions
  • Moisturises Skin and Hair

World First

Revive® is the world’s first science based mineral blend for your pool. In fact, Revive® contains 33% more magnesium than all other mineral pool products. Additionally, Revive® has been scientifically proven to permeate through the skin, providing significant long-term health benefits.

How Magnesium Works

Our bodies contain 25 grams of magnesium, most of which is in our bones. Some of the factors that influence the levels of magnesium in our body are ageing, our eating habits, and lifestyle. Subsequently, swimming in a Revive® pool can help replenish lost magnesium. In fact, swimming in mineral pools can relieve stress and anxiety, moisturise your skin, and improve your overall well-being.

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