UV Pool – Pure, Clean Water

Pure, clean water is at the heart of an enjoyable pool experience. Our new range of UV or Ultra Violet water purification systems make your pool cleaner, healthier and sparkling clear.

UV sanitisers harness the power of ultraviolet light to provide your family the healthiest and safest swimming water.

Suitable for all Pools

Working in harmony with your salt chlorinator or mineral pool system. UV sanitisers boost disinfectant capabilities beyond the level usually provided by typical mineral or salt sanitising solutions.

Not only are UV systems the perfect addition to a your existing pool system, they also help protect your family and provide cleaner, healthier water that is gentle on you as well as the environment.

Powerful Combination

An additional benefit, when adding UV to your existing system, is the enhanced level of water purification provided. In fact, this combination is so effective you will experience a reduction in chlorine and a more natural, environmentally friendly swim experience. Creating savings that are friendly to your wallet and the environment.

How It Works

Harness the energy of UV light as it neutralizes 99.5% of all know pathogens, even chlorine resistant ones! As a result, UV completely disinfects and inactivates bacteria, viruses, algae and protozoa while also reducing chemical usage.

In fact, UV acts as a such a powerful sanitiser, it is capable of neutralising even Cryptosporidium and other nasty pathogens that come in contact with it.

Clever UV systems work by instantly destroying the DNA of bacteria and microorganisms which renders them harmless!

Easy Install

Simply connect this system onto any pool and enjoy exceptional water quality, maximum swimmer enjoyment. a reduction in chlorine demand and a more natural swim experience.

When plumbed in line along with your other sanitation equipment, the new AstralPool UV sanitisers provide an additional level of safety, keeping your pool in immaculate condition.


  • Works with all mineral & salt systems
  • Eliminates viruses, bacteria and other harmful byproducts
  • Keeps water in pristine condition
  • Reduces eye redness and skin irritation

Compatible with solar pool heating and providing continuous disinfection, the new UV pool sanitiser saves you time and money every day.

Contact Pool Doctor to make the ultra-clear choice to clean, healthy pool water.


The UV55W is suitable for pools up to 55,000L.

The UV110W is suitable for pools up to 75,000L.

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