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Rain and pools don’t mix well. However, severe thunderstorms, heavy rain, and lightning strikes are normal on the Gold Coast. In fact, lightning strikes can cause electrical damage to pool equipment. Also rain water wrecks havoc on your pool’s water chemistry. We recommend taking the time to check your pool and equipment for correct operation after big storms hit.

Pool Pump stopped working or is tripping power

If your pool pump has stopped working green and black algae can quickly grow. When your pool pump stops you should immediately contact a professional. Dangerous voltage spikes or excessive current from a lightning strike may cause the pump to burn out and stop working. In fact, motor burn out may be covered by home and contents insurance. This issue is commonly referred to as fusion damage. As a result, if your pump has stopped working, it could be worth checking with your insurer.

Chlorinator not working or tripping power after rain

Cloudy water and algae growth can occur rapidly after rain. Quickly contact a professional if your chlorinator has stopped working or is tripping the power. Hazardous voltage spikes or excessive current from a lightning strike, together with excessive moisture, can effect salt water chlorinators.  In particular, surges or spikes can damage the control board and other delicate electrical parts inside the chlorinator. In most cases, electrical damage from surges or spikes may be covered by home and contents insurance as fusion damage.

How to prevent damage

To prevent damage we recommend switching off the chlorinator and pump before storms occur.

What to do with rain and pools after a storm

Visit the team at Pool Doctor after it rains to get your pool water tested and rebalanced. Also, contact the Pool Doctor team if your pool equipment has stopped working.  We can replace or repair equipment, provide advice, answer your questions, and help with an insurance claim. If equipment damage is beyond repair we have many cost effective solutions to replace your pump or chlorinator.

Pool Doctor offers over 20 years experience on all brands of pump and chlorinators repairs. Along with bearing replacement and rewinding motors, Pool Doctor offers a speedy 24 hour turn around. We will have your pool back up and running as soon as possible. Click here for more information.

Contact us today and let Pool Doctor take the hassle out of getting your pool and equipment back in shape. You’ll be swimming sooner!