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Green Pool Clean Up

Get The Right Advice, Right Away!

Has Shrek moved into your pool? Quickly remove algae with a green pool cleaning service from a trained Pool Doctor technician. Your pool will be clean and clear in no time!


With over 20 years experience helping Gold Coast locals, Pool Doctor technicians have cleaned plenty of green pools. We can help with fast friendly service.

Scope of Work

Pool Doctor service technicians use superior quality chemicals combined with scrubbing, brushing and cleaning the pool and equipment.

They have the knowledge to determine the best treatment option for your pool. Efficiently combining the most appropriate chemicals will save you time and money while ensuring your pool is clean and hygienic when the job is completed.

Fixed Cost Repair

Our green pool cleaning service offers peace of mind by providing a complete cleaning package with fixed repair costs. We provide a detailed quote to have your pool up and running as soon as possible.

You'll Be Swimming Sooner!

Our staff will guide you through all the best options to suit your needs.
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