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New Pool Owners

Get The Right Advice, Right Away!

Discover how to care for your new pool so your family and friends can enjoy a hygienically clean, sparkling clear pool every day.

Included in your poolside training session is a comprehensive equipment demonstration. We’ll provide you with customised instructions and operational guidance covering the following:

  • Complete a simple preventative maintenance routine
  • Check if the water is healthy and safe for swimming
  • Change settings on your chlorinator or sanitising system
  • Check pump setting is the correct operating speed for your pool
  • Check the automatic cleaner is operating correctly
  • Backwash and rinse the filter
  • Remove and clean the cartridge filter
  • Remove, clean and reinstall the skimmer basket
  • Remove, clean and reinstall the hair and lint pot basket
  • Set up and operate the manual vacuum system
  • Change the setting of valves and hydraulics
  • Overview of ongoing pool care and maintenance considerations

Complete Package

Pool Doctor offer a complete package for new pool owners. If you’ve moved into a house with a pool or you’ve built a new pool, a training session poolside will make sure your pool stays clean, clear and hygienically balanced all year round.

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Thorough Introduction

Our customised poolside training sessions are designed to help you quickly and easily understand the basics of maintaining your pool and equipment.

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Customised for Your Pool

Pools are a major investment, it’s essential they are correctly maintained so the water stays clean. Extra costs can be the result of inadequate pool maintenance. Save time and money with a poolside training session from Pool Doctor.

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Experienced Technicians

Our trained pool technicians are experienced with helping first time pool owners take care of their new pool. During your training session we will provide advice that’s tailor made to your lifestyle as well easy training tips to make caring for your pool simple.

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You'll Be Swimming Sooner!

Our staff will guide you through all the best options to suit your needs.
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