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Storm Damage

Get The Right Advice, Right Away!

Has your pool equipment been damaged by a storm or is your pool flooded by gardens overflowing? Severe thunderstorms, heavy rain, strong winds and lightning strikes are part of the wet season on the Gold Coast.

Summer Storms

Lightning strikes cause power surges that damage electrical pool equipment and heavy rain brings dirt, debris and bacteria into your pool.

Overflow into Pool

If you have a pool that has been through a severe storm chances are you’re now faced with water that’s filled with phosphates, contains dirt and debris and is chemically unbalanced. It may already be showing signs of algae growth. In some extreme cases Pool Doctor technicians have seen many pools filled with thick mud and sediment.


Offering over 20 years experience with all brands of pump and chlorinators repairs. From bearing replacement to rewinding motors and, with a speedy 24 hour turn around, you can be sure to have your pool back up and running as soon as possible.

Insurance Report

If your pool is suffering the effects of a severe storm or your pool equipment is no longer operating correctly, contact Pool Doctor.  We can replace or repair equipment, provide advice, answer your questions and help with an insurance claim.

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