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THINK you’ve got the pool all to yourself? Think again. Watch out for snakes in the pool.

As the Gold Coast weather heats up the snakes wake up. According to local snakes catchers, a lot of snakes are going to be on the move because it’s breeding season. They recommend people are vigilant around their yards and particularly near water sources.

Watch out for snakes in your pool

Keep an eye out for snakes in your pool at this time of year. Contact a professional to remove any you find.

Posted by Pool Doctor on Monday, September 9, 2019

Shedding Skin

Snakes turn to skimmer boxes and similar sources of water for a soak. Both as a way to help them shed their skins, and to deal with mites or parasites. However, it’s important to note that while enjoying a spring soak, snakes could stick around in the one spot for a few days.

Know Your Local Wildlife

In fact, Pool Doctor service techs have found a carpet python having a soak in a skimmer box, and a large eastern brown in a Hope Island pool. They also found a baby eastern brown in a dog’s water bowl.

Call a Professional

Local snake catchers urge anyone who finds a snake in their homes, yards or pools to call a snake catcher to safely remove them.

Snake Bite First Aid

  1. Call 000 and request an ambulance.
  2. DO NOT wash the bite area! Do not attempt to cut or suck the venom out of the bite area. Hospital staff will swab the bite area to determine what type of anti-venom is required.
  3. Remain calm. Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. This will slow the spread of venom through the body.
  4. Bandage firmly over the bite area to the end of the arm or leg, then back up over the bite area and up to the groin or armpit. Bandage as firmly as you would for a sprained ankle. This will slow the spread of venom through the body.
  5. If the bite is on the body, head or neck, bandage firmly over the wound and immobilise.
  6. Mark where the bite is on the top of the bandage, so doctors can find it easily.
  7. Monitor until medical help arrives.
  8. Do Not remove bandage. Only a doctor or Nurse should do this.

Want to Know More?

Visit Gold Coast Snake Catcher for more inspiration. If you’re having trouble maintaining your pool or you don’t have enough time then please contact us. Let Pool Doctor take care of your pool. You’ll be swimming sooner!

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